Department of Labor and Employment




  1. Download the forms needed to apply for Permit to Operate Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Other Mechanical Equipment
  2. Accomplish and submit application and all necessary documents (refer to Section II below) to the respective DOLE Bureau of Working Condition (BWC) or the Regional Office
  3. Inquire from the concerned DOLE Regional Office as to the Fees
  4. Obtain the permit
  5. Renew application every year




  1. Accomplished Application Forms
  2. Detailed Engineering Designs and Plans in white or blue print, which incorporate the following:
    1. Location plan showing the site of the compound, indicating any known landmarks, such a street, private or public place or building and an arrow indicating the NORTH direction drawn not necessarily to scale.
    2. Room layout showing
  1. The detail of the boiler/pressure vessel room drawn to scale indicating the clearance of the boiler/pressure vessel to the surrounding walls or any machinery/equipment in the room. There shall be at least two independent doors.
  2. The type of materials used for the room walls, may either be concrete, adobe, hollow blocks or other type of firewall. The height of the walls shall be at least equal or higher than the topmost part of the boiler/pressure vessel.
    1. Installation and foundation plan showing
  1. The front and side views of the boiler/pressure vessel with the foundation which will include the detail of anchorage or its setting to the foundation. The dimension of the concrete foundation shall also be indicated.
  2. The water column assembly, main steam line, blow-off line, safety valve/valves, feed water inlet line and feed water appliances, pressure gage connection, manhole or hand hole in case of boilers.
  • The inlet and outlet pipe, drain pipe, inspection plug, manhole or hand hole, glass gage, relief/safety valve and pressure gage connection in case of pressure vessels.
  1. The clearance of the lowest portion of the boiler to the floor line shall not be less than 45 cm in case of horizontal fire tube boiler.
  2. The type of furnace to be used. (Dutch, integral, package, etc.)
    1. Foundation design computation showing
  1. The total weight of the boiler/pressure vessel and accessories. (dry).
  2. The weight of water inside the boiler/pressure vessel when full.
  • The base area and volume of concrete foundation.
  1. The type of concrete mixture used and density of concrete.
  2. The soil bearing capacity in the vicinity where the boiler/pressure vessel is to be installed.
  3. The minimum factor of safety of the concrete foundation shall be 5 as required by the Philippine Mechanical Engineering Code.
  • All sheets are signed and sealed by a Professional Mechanical Engineer (PME).
    1. Detailed construction drawing showing
  1. The sectional front and side elevations of the boiler/pressure vessel indicating thew diameter, thickness and length of the shell or drum, length of courses (weld to weld or rivet to rivet), thickness and type of heads; number of tubes, diameter and gage number/thickness of tubes, blow off or drain pipe; feed water inlet; manhole or hand hole, inspection plug, fusible plug if any, and diagonal or thru stall rods.
  2. The details of longitudinal and circumferential joints; detail of head attachment to shell; detail of nozzle and manhole/hand hole attachment.
  • The boiler/pressure vessel data and specifications or stampings (material specs).
  1. The detail of furnace in case of fire tube boilers whether plain or corrugated and how the furnace is attached to the heads, the diameter, length, thickness, length of each courses, details of longitudinal and circumferential joints of the furnace.
  2. The number of water gages, number of try cocks, types of drain and distances of topmost row of tubes to the lowest visible range of glass gage or shell in case of fire tube boilers.
    1. Size of plans

All sheets of plans to be submitted shall be limited to any of the following:

267.70 mm x 350 mm ------minimum

350 mm x 525 mm

350 mm x 650 mm

  • x 1050 mm -------maximum


    1. Title block
  1. The size shall be 10cm x 16cm at the lower right hand corner of each sheet of plans to contain:
    1. Name and address of the establishment
    2. Title of the plan
    3. Initial of draftsman, date of plan drawn, sheet number and scale used.
    4. Name in print, signature and seal of PME at the lower right hand corner, within the title block. The registration number, current PTR number and Tax Account Number shall also be indicated.
    5. Name in print and signature of owner/manager of the establishment at the lower left hand corner, within the title block opposite the PME. The Tax Identification Number of the owner/establishment shall also be indicated below the signature of the owner/manager of the establishment.

All plans shall be drawn using Metric scale. Minimum shall be 1:50 but preferably 1:100 except for small and minute parts/details.

    1. Installation shall be done under the supervision of the Professional Mechanical Engineer (PME) who signs the application.
  1. If minor deviations from the approved plans is encountered in the actual installation, the enforcing authority shall be informed in writing or in person so that the necessary corrections can be noted.
  2. In cases where major alterations will be done in the actual installation that may affect the original design, the necessary plans shall be resubmitted, in the same manner as for new application.

The approved application and plans serves as the permit to install.

    1. Request for final inspection and if found to be in accordance with the approved plan and standards, the permit to operate the boiler/pressure vessel shall be issued which is good for one year.
    2. Manufacturer’s data report