National Commission on Indiginous People




  1. Accomplish application forms and supporting documents (refer to Section II below)
  2. Submit Application for Certification Precondition (CP) and the endorsement from the regulatory or appropriate government agency, to NCIP Regional Office that has jurisdiction over the project site
  3. Meet with NCIP and determine requirements of FPIC process – work, fees, necessary documentation
  4. Pay the required fees (see Section III below)
  5. Attend the Community Consultative Assembly with the IPs, NCIP, and NGOs
  6. Finalize terms of MOA with IPs and NCIP
  7. Obtain the Certificate of Precondition /Certificate of Non-overlap from the NCIP Central Office




  1. Renewable Energy Service/Operating Contract and Certificate of Registration from DOE-REMB
  2. Certificate of Endorsement from NCIP Regional Office (with jurisdiction over the area)
  3. Project profile which shall include, among others:
    1. name and principal business address of the applicant,
    2. contact person,
    3. nature and purpose of project,
    4. location/indicative map indicating the name of sitios and/or barangays covered by the project,
    5. impact area
    6. duration of the pr
  4. Operational Plan and project activities as required by the endorsing agency;
  5. Other relevant data/documen
  6. For the conduct of activities affecting ancestral domain that do not require a permit, license or agreement from any government agency/instrumentality:
    1. Abstract of the project which, among others, enumerates socio-cultural and economic advantages/disadvantages to the ICCs/IPs;
    2. Location/Indicative map of the affected area; and
    3. Other relevant documen
  7. For juridical entities, proof of their juridical personality
  8. Additional documents that the Field Base Investigation (FBI) team may require
  9. Environmental Compliance Certificate or Certificate of Non-Coverage from DENR-EMB




  1. The FBI Fee to be paid by the applicant shall be assessed in accordance with the following rules:
    1. If no overlap is noted based on the duly approved Master list of Ancestral Domain Areas, the applicant shall only pay a Certification Fee of Five Hundred Pesos (Php500.00), but if an FBI is necessary in order to determine whether the plan, program, project or activity affects an ancestral domain, the applicant shall shoulder the agreed cost of the FBI, the amount of which shall be determined during the Pre-FBI Confer
    2. If an overlap is noted based on the approved Master list of Ancestral Domain Areas, and the proposed plan, program, project or activity falls within the classification requiring the conduct of FPIC process prescribed under Section 26 and Section 27, the applicant shall pay the agreed cost of conducting the FBI based on the WFP to be agreed upon during the Pre-FBI Confer
    3. If an overlap is noted on a known AD/AL already issued with a CADT/CALT, FBI is still required forpurposes of determining the area affected and the ICCs/IPs whose consent is to be obtained in accordance with Section 9 of this Guidelines necessary in determining the cost of conducting the FPIC pr However, in these areas where the plan, program, project or activity patently affects the entire ancestral domain and the cost can be determined as well as the requirements of Section 9 of this Guidelines, the conduct of FBI can be dispensed with and proceed to hold the Pre-FPIC conference. The requirement under Section 13. (d.3) hereof requiring the on-site preparation of WFP bearing the conformity of the ancestral domain area representatives in attendance shall likewise be dispensed with.


Additional Notes:

The Certification Precondition states that the Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) has been obtained from the concerned IPs. The FPIC is manifested through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the IPs, traditionally represented by their elders.

For areas not occupied by IPs, a Certificate of Non-overlap is issued instead by the NCIP.